eled0ra asked:

Ahh I saw your answer about making prints of copyrighted characters, and was just wondering what's your view on conventions? I mean, when people usually just consider it as a friendly place where people share their love in fandoms via their creations, do you think maybe there's a non-profit way to do the same thing so that legal issues wouldn't be involved?

I’ve never been to a convention, so I can’t give much of an educated opinion. However, the best non-profit, fandom-filled way I can think of is just posting your fan art on the internet without selling prints of it. Or if you do go to conventions, I suppose you could display fan art, but only sell your own original art. Which in the long run, if you’re wanting to become an established artist/illustrator, it’s a lot better to promote yourself through your original art and not through someone else’s characters. Again, I’ve never been to a convention, so there are probably a lot more qualified people to ask! Sorry I couldn’t give a more specific answer!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering why don't you sell any prints of copyrighted characters? And I just want to let you know I love your artworks! :)

Thanks! :)

Because legally, the only people who should make money off those characters are the creators/copyright holders. I know a lot of people don’t have a problem with doing it, and a lot of big companies don’t seem to care much so it is pretty easy to get away with, but I made the personal choice not to do it. I make an effort to only have characters in my store whose stories are in the public domain.